The Power of Protein

                    So… I’m a hardcore runner and huge fan of crossfit! I know a lot of women want to “slim down” and often associate protein drinks to bulking up and body building,… Continue reading

How to Tie your Scarf 10 Different Ways

Costco for Black Friday

Black Friday is next week and it’s going to be crazy! I’ve had my long nights out trying to get the best deals, but now I would rather enjoy Thanksgiving with my family… Continue reading

Holla for a Dolla

I love the dollar store, but sometimes thinking “this is only a dollar” can get you into trouble when you find yourself spending 40 bucks on junk at the checkout. It is easy… Continue reading

STOP. Don’t Shop.

When you think all your clothes suck and you are about to give up and head out to the store, STOP. Sometimes all it takes is a quick browse through a boy’s closet… Continue reading

Easy Freebies through Facebook!

Okay, so I don’t know if I am just lucky, but I ALWAYS win free stuff from businesses on Facebook! I just have to share my excitement really quick. I’m often skeptical of… Continue reading

Winter Must Haves

Let’s face it, summer and fall trends are everyone’s favorite. Dressing for winter… that’s another story. With the holidays and winter storms just around the corner, we all want to look our best… Continue reading

Wake up your Wardrobe with Pinterest!

  Some days I feel like I have no fashion sense. Honestly, I will stare blankly into my closet and think “Why can’t I put together a cute outfit?” It shouldn’t be that… Continue reading

How to Sell Your Old Clothing

Feel like you have too many clothes and you don’t even wear half of them? I think every woman may have this problem. For some reason we buy clothing and end up not… Continue reading